....that piece will stand the test of time.....

I have been an art collector for the past twenty years. I have collected many different pieces from all over the world. I have been buying works from the proprietor of the Finer Pieces for over three years and I find them to be of a superior quality and very high level of consistency. In the past three years I have not bought from another gallery. I am of the firm opinion that what ever a collector is looking for can be found through The Finer Pieces I remember a piece I purchased for my mother, it brings out the essence, sensuality, strength and beauty of the Jamaican woman, all in one picture, face and expression. I do believe that piece will stand the test of time, just as many of the other pieces seen on this site.

Jerome Harriott

Telephony Technology

16717 Amber Lake,

Weston. Florida 33331

..."WOW, what lovely paintings!!"...

We have been customers of The Finer Pieces for over two years. We have found the ongoing collection to be unique, and the paintings are always beautifully framed and reasonably priced. We especially love the abstracts and have also been drawn to the acrylic pieces on burlap. We have had many persons come into our home and say "WOW, what lovely paintings!!"

Sean and Monique Anthony



.......they are beautiful, full of color, light and life.....

I have always been an admirer of Haitian art. I love the three pieces that I recently bought from the Finer Pieces for three reasons. Firstly, they are beautiful, full of color, light and life. Secondly, this is my first time living on my own in the country of my birth, and having these pieces adorn the space where I live helps to makes it feel even more like home. Finally, I am heartbroken over the current state of affairs within Haiti, and feel like I have been given an opportunity to support a small piece of the local community. All the pieces available for sale are great and not only do I always end up buying one whenever I get near the collection, but so does whomever I bring with me. And if I can find high-end art within my price range as a poor graduate student, then anyone can!

Mikaila Brown

4th years doctoral student at Columbia University

Recent repatriate to Jamaica

........ believe me when I tell you The Finer Pieces made that experience simple as well as enjoyable.

Purchasing original fine art over the internet is a challenging process even for someone with my background. I have worked for a major New York City Museum, a major fine art gallery, co-owned and operated a fine art gallery; co-owned and operated an on-line art gallery all for over 25 years. So believe me when I tell you The Finer Pieces made that experience simple as well as enjoyable.

As a New York City art dealer and collector my business partner and I discovered The Finer Pieces on the internet while searching for the work of a particular artist. The Finer Pieces had a large selection of outstanding art including many works by the artist that we were interested in. The web site was well designed and easy to navigate.

After my partner and I selected the works of art that we were interested in I contacted The Finer Piece’s manager. His knowledge of the art and artist greatly assisted us in finalizing our selections. He was so helpful that we purchased 8 works of art from The Finer Pieces.

The Finer Pieces made the purchasing process extremely easy as well as safe and secure over the internet. All of the art work was expertly packed and shipped to New York City, USA from Kingston, Jamaica within a week of placing the order.

Upon receiving and inspecting the art from The Finer Pieces, we were completely satisfied and happy with the art as well as the whole process of searching, selecting, and purchasing original fine art over the internet.

It was a pleasure doing business with them.

Donald Clayton

Co-Owner, CanvasPaperandStone.com